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Danny, 20 Years Later

The Shooting of Officer Vaughan
Ambush At South Central; The Trials and Tribulations of Daniel Vaughan

Each year, thousands of people are faced with the unexpected, subjected to severe traumatic brain injury and forced to fight for their life. In 1993, 36 year old police officer Daniel Vaughan was one of these unfortunate people. Daniel was shot at point blank range, four times in the face. His story was so devastating and horrific, he was quickly known across the country as "Danny" the miracle man. Daniel survived and today, later, continues to tell his story, offer hope and encouragement for others dealing with similar situations and train law enforcement personnel throughout the country. Ambush at South Central introduces you to the trials and tribulations of Daniel Vaughan, we can all learn from his miraculous story. Please take time to learn Daniel's story by Clicking Here.

Hope and Encouragement

I went from casually carrying paperwork across a lobby to fighting for my life in less then a second. I reach out to others with a message of hope and encouragement should they find themselves dealing with traumatic injury.

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Through his real-life encounter and relentless fight for quality of life, he has effective advice, wisdom and techniques that should be shared with all law enforcement personnel. Daniel has years of experience as a trainer and is sure to leave a lasting impact that will be retained for a lifetime.

Officer Survival When You Become A Target